Domaine du Bonsoy: Holiday park Ardennes

Domaine du Bonsoy: Holiday park Ardennes

Domaine du Bonsoy: Holiday park Ardennes

Domaine du Bonsoy: Holiday park Ardennes

General information about Domaine du Bonsoy

To fully enjoy the peace and nature... For this Domaine du Bonsoy is the ideal place!

The environment of the park is beautiful and perfect for walkers cyclists or fanatics of water sports. The nearby towns of Dinant and Givet (France) are certainly worth a visit.

The bungalows are spread out in groups between the trees, some are linked and others are detached and all have a terrace or balcony with garden furniture. The houses are sometimes close to a parking lot, sometimes further away and are then accessible by stairs or forest path. Since the park is virtually car-free, the children can romp in the forest.


Park information

Park facilities

Are available on the spot:

  • Playground

In the vicinity of Domaine du Bonsoy many sports activities can be practiced such as the famous departure of the Lesse, walks, mountain bike trails, horse riding, climbing, abseiling, quad biking, etc.


Key address:
Domaine du Bonsoy
Grand Route
5542 Blaimont / Hastière
Tel: +32 (0)
Fax: +32 (0)
Voor de GPS: plaats = BLAIMONT - straat = GRAND ROUTE

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Other attractions 

Other animations

  • Le feu d’artifice sur la Meuse à Hastière (fin juillet) – 1,5 km
  • Le marché de Noël de Hastière (début décembre) - 1,5 km
  • Le festival musical de Hastière-Lavaux (le 21 juillet) – 5 km
  • Le marché de Hastière-Lavaux (le samedi de 13 à 19 h) – 5 km
  • Le carnaval des enfants de Hastière-Lavaux (début mars) – 5 km
  • Le carnaval de Heer (début mars) – 7 km
  • Le marché de Beauraing (les 2e et 4e mercredis du mois de 8 à 13 h) – 15 km
  • Le marché de Noël de Beauraing (début décembre) – 15 km
  • Balade en calèche à Dinant – 16 km 
  • Le marché de Dinant (tous les vendredis de 7 à 13 h) – 16 km
  • Le festival Jazz de Dinant (fin juillet) – 16 km 
  • Le carnaval de Dinant (début mars) – 16 km
  • Le carnaval de Houyet (début mars) – 17 km
  • La chasse aux sorcières d’Ermeton (début mars) – 20 km 
  • Le marché de Anhée (tous les mardis de 8 à 12 h) – 21 km
  • Le marché de Noël et la patinoire de Anhée (tous les week-ends du mois de décembre) – 21 km
  • Le marché de Florennes (tous les jeudis de 8 à 13 h) – 24 km
  • Le marché de Noël de Denée (tous les week-ends du 23 novembre au 23 décembre) - 24 km 
  • Promenade à la découverte de l'histoire et de la culture de Treignes – 25 km
  • Le carnaval de Wellin (début mars) – 27 km
  • Le marché de Mettet (tous les mardis) – 28 km
  • Le marché de Philippeville (tous les 4e samedis du mois de 7 h 30 à 13 h) – 28 km
  • Le marché de Viroinval (le 1er samedi du mois d’avril à octobre de 8 à 13 h) - 30 km
  • Les grands feux de la région se déroulent de fin février à mi-avril. 

Regional info

Dinant, birthplace of Adolphe Sax, is located in the middle of the green in the Meuse valley, about 20 km from the French border. The town is dominated by the impressive citadel that can be reached on foot or by cable car. The summit offers a grand view of the 'Pearl of the Maas'. At 5 km south of Dinant is the Park of Furfooz, where you can walk through prehistoric caverns and remains of a Roman and medieval fort. Other attractions include: the abbey of Leffe, 'La Merveilleuse', one of the most beautiful caves of Belgium, brewery 'Du Bocq' in Purnode (about 11 km), ... The amusement park Mont-Fat with underground network, rock gardens and playground is crowded by families. Sports enthusiasts can sail the Lesse by kayak, also a cruise on the Maas is possible. In Rochefort, discover the Archaeological Park of Malagne, one of the grand Roman villas of North Gaul, the grotto of Lorette-Rochefort or the Castle of the Counts, which offers a magnificent view over the old town of Rochefort and the Famenne.

Hastière is only 6 km from the French border and close to Dinant, tourist attraction known at home and abroad for its unique location on the Maas. Hastière also offers a number of attractions, such as caves, a yacht club (sailing lessons). The most famous and spectacular activity remains of course the famous descent of the Lesse by kayak or controlled boat. The impressive Meuse valley is flanked by rock formations (Freyr), castles and beautifully wooded slopes.

Hour is a rural village about 18 km from Dinant and 5 km from the famous departure of the Lesse. The area has a lot to offer: the caves of Han and the wildlife park, the castle of Celles, Dinant in the beautiful Maas valley with its citadel, cable car and trips on the river or just for strolling.

The Thiérache, the area around Oignies, is a real pleasure for anyone who loves extended forests and untouched nature. Did you know that the center of Europe is '15 countries) in this municipality? The foothills of the Ardennes offer a beautiful spectacle during extensive walks and bike rides. Characteristic of this region are also the original museums and a real steam train that runs throughout the summer season between Treignes and Mariembourg. Cross-country skiing and alpine skiing are open here in winter.

Don't forget

Remember before you leave! Did you provide all items with this list?

  • Travel documents: passport, voucher, travel route, etc.
  • Sheets (if you have not ordered them)
  • Bath and kitchen linen
  • Toilet paper
  • Good walking shoes
  • A sleigh was allowed to snow
  • Flashlight (in case of late arrival)
  • IBAN and BIC codes for Dutch

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